Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio, Coachella + BushRanger Hats

This Week has had a large focus on travel, celebrities, music festivals and those fashion 'heck-yes' moments.

Firstly, I watched The Wolf Of Wall Street, and Oh. My. Goodness. I have two words:
I've always had a soft spot underlying obsession with the actor in pretty much every single one of his movies. I hadn't watched one with Leo in it for a while, so my 'appreciation' for him flared up after viewing the award winning film. This led to Googling his name, finding celebrity goss sites and discovering this gem.
Even though the jury's out on whether this is the megastar cutting shapes (FYI he can dance - the wedding scene in Wolf Of Wall Street was all his own - no choreography there), this got me thinking. Coachella.

If you haven't heard, Coachella is a huge music festival in the desert of California. It has a massive line-up with some really awesome acts (Google it to see what I mean - Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams and Lana Del Ray just to name a few).It would be aahh-mazing to go. But that means I'll have to save up some serious cash on my tighter-than-tight uni student budget. I mean tickets aren't cheap, nor are planes since I'm in Australia and Coachella, well, isn't.
This involves travelling to another country, which I'm completely up for. But what about all those other amazing places that are waiting to be explored? And how about all those other crazy cool music festivals? I'm going to need to save a helluva lot.
I could save a lot of money if I didn't have one major weakness - clothes. At the moment, I really want one of those ridiculously good-looking felt/wool hats that I have been seeing pretty much everywhere. I already own hats. I have enough hats. But I don't have this type of hat. Cue fashion 'heck-yes' moment.
I brought this hat (below) from Aussie Disposals for a western-themed costume. I didn't think I'd ever wear it out of that context, but it looks as though the fashion gods have spoken; masculine, wide-brimmed hats are in. Yay.

Okay, so it boarders a line between fashion and Aussie bushranger, but it means that this is now not a 'wear once' item. I may even rock it to uni once the break is over to see if I receive any disapproving stares. The main thing is that I am getting more value out of a piece of clothing by (planning to) wear it out more often. Heck-yes.
So even if I don't have the funds (yet!) to get to Coachella, nor the dance moves of Leonardo DiCaprio, at least I'll have a rocking outfit to wear around the house while I turn the tunes (and the heater) up to pretend I'm in tearing up some moves in the Californian desert in Spring; not cloudy, cold and Leo-less home.

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