Friday, 23 May 2014

3 Of The Best DIY Clutches

I realise that I may have a mild obsession with bags.
It's an obsession I can live with, but every now and then it will flare up in reaction to a new trend or just-plain-awesome style. Bag-obsession; it's a real condition.

So this time around I blame Emily Cocklin's dreamy collection of clutches for this round of bag fever. Seriously, do not check out the rest of her blog unless you want to undergo major wardrobe envy. But then again, it can be major inspiration so it's definitely worth the jealousy ;)

And what is better then a simply magically clutch collection? Is when you can DIY your own creations of course! These are three of the best DIY clutch jobs ever. Seriously, these aren't on my 'oh, I should make that' list; these DIYs are on my 'I MUST MAKE. RIGHT NOW.' list

This DIY makes bum-bags cool. Ridiculously cool. So cool that I would rock two at once and still be cool. So cool that it makes water freeze just by staring at it.
Yeah, that cool.
What's even cooler? You don't even have to wear it as a bum-bag. Oh my.
DIY from

So I've always been a fan of those clear bags but could never figure out why they costed some serious money. Now I can just make my own which is waay cheaper. And it has studs. Probably doesn't get much better then this
Clear + Studs = So. Much. Love

From swellmayde

Everything about this so casual-cool. It's like those girls who can just throw on jeans, a t-shirt and some kind of sneaker and make it look amazing; this bag is pretty much those girls in bag form. And imagine all the colour you could do this with.
All the good girls go to heaven DIY

So I hope you haven't contracted any bag-fever from reading this. It's not a serious condition, but once infected, you will probably have some sort of underlying clutch/bag/accessory obsession from now on ;)

I do not own any of these DIY's or pictures. Links to the original content are where appropriate.

Also, bag fever is not actually a real infection. Just clarifying ;)

Did I miss a really good DIY? Tell me your top 3 in the comments below

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