Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Start to Uni... Part 2

...I wasn’t exactly in the mood for the nightmare inducing awkwardness of ‘getting to know you’ activities one is sure to experience at orientations/conferences/camps/ any event where people over 40 are put in charge of young people and have to come up with FUN things to fill time (a.k.a university orientation). And awkwardness was exactly what I got...

No friendships were cultivated through participation in said activities. The only time a genuine conversation was had was when we found a spare moment to bitch about our mentors. I might have also been guilty of oversharing… I think I told no less than five complete strangers about my recent dumping. Cringe worthy, I know. I mean what better way to make friends than by basically admitting you’re emotionally screwed at the moment.

So, judging by the standard of  FUN I’d experienced from 9am to 4pm that day, I didn’t have high hopes for the ‘after’ activities…

I do biomed at Monash.
Im a bit of a nerd if you couldn’t tell already.
Little Miss Goody Goody Two Shoes and blah blah.

Cue entry of free pizza and free booze, now pair that with my then current state of emotional instability and...well...
I’m not going to lie, Smirnoff Double Blacks get me pretty white girl wasted and judging by the conversations I’ve had later on with people I met that night, I was pretty uuum… conversational? I don’t really recall the walk over to the ‘party bus’. I do remember trying my damnedest not to sound drunk in the texts I was writing to my parents. I left my folder full of starting uni info somewhere…  So out of character for me.

The ride to the Hawthorn (a pub) involved a lot of bad singing and grinding up on strangers. And in my case, contemplating the meaning of life, my break up and coming to terms with the fact that aside from my parents no one was going to care what happened to me that night. No special person to text, no one to care where I was, how I was and who I was with. I don’t know, maybe I didn’t really have this in a relationship either. But then again, I could feel the loss. I felt pretty bloody empty. Then I sculled down some beer and I didn’t feel so empty. Probs a budding alcoholic, lucky I’m too poor to have access to much.

On a lighter note, this particular bus ride saw me meet one of my best uni friends. I shouted her chips. This was probably a better tactic for making friends than oversharing.

I went home pretty early that night, made my way back to the city so I could take the last Vline (its the name of the rural trains) home. I was proud of myself, being in  my semi-drunken state. I bought a stale caramel churro. It was feral. The ride home was spent furiously writing in a note book. I can’t quite put my finger on the source of my sudden inspiration but phrases like ‘you ain’t need no man’ might have been thrown around. I then started reading Capote’s ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Didn’t remember I word of it the next day.

So that was my intro to uni. As you can see I’m a total pro at life transitions. The day after this, instead of trawling the internet for depressing quotes about having one love and losing it and other similar bull crap, I started watching YouTube videos about getting over a break up. Pathetic? Maybe… But a little less pathetic than before so I’ll take that as a plus

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