Friday, 16 May 2014

A day in the life of a serial Procrastinator...

"I'm going to be organised next time around, I swear!!"

Yeah, that's what I thought after I handed in an assignment a day late after putting it off for far too long. But next time was going to be different.
...Oh how I was wrong
I did all the right things this time around. I downloaded the essay guidelines off LMS (it's like an online student subject thing; it has basically everything you need in one place, including assignments and due dates). I read the essay guidelines. I got the due date off the essay guidelines. Everything was sweet.
So the due date edged a little closer. No biggie. It was still two weeks away. I had organised my time so that I could start it on Tuesday (May 13th).  I'd do the research and plan it out; do everything properly and not rush. The guidelines stated that it was to be 1500 words and worth 40% of the entire subject.
I rocked up to a lecture on Tuesday morning. I was chatting to my friend (who so happens to be doing the same subject as me) when she said
"Hey, have you finished that essay we have to do yet? It's due tomorrow."
Confused, I told her
"No, I haven't started yet. Its due next week, the 22nd."
"Oh." She responded.
"Is that the date from the guidelines sheet you had to download? Because that's last years due date. The real due date is the 14th. And its supposed to be 2000 words and 50%."
Cue meltdown.
Not only was it bigger and worth a lot more than originally thought, it was due the next day. THE VERY NEXT DAY??!?!!
The rest of Tuesday was filled with searching the internet for appropriate sources for my essay amidst my other classes. It also involved complaining. Lot's and lot's of complaining. They should really update these things.
Now on to Wednesday.
I woke up late after so much attempted work. Really I hadn't accomplished anything. This caused me to miss my first lecture and run late for my second one.
Because I was running late I couldn't find a car spot at uni.
The TAFE across the road was closed (why?), so I couldn't park there.
I had to park in an overflow carpark, which was confusing just to find, and just as packed as a can of sardines. At least I found a car park, but now I had entirely missed my second lecture because it took so long.
So I didn't know how to get to uni out of the overflow carpark. I started following this guy (at a distance, of course!) because I was so lost. He dropped his jacket.
Now I'm not the most confident of people, so when I shouted "hey" so he would turn around, it came out all distorted and weird and someone-stepped-on-a-cat like. At least he turned around so I could return it to him. I did receive a weird look from the other person in the car park; they were probably wondering who stood on a cat.
I went to the library. I (miraculously) found a seat and started to read my research *cough* pretty blogs *cough*. My friend from high school came up who I hadn't seen for aaaagges. We had a good chat.
I then brought a muffin and a mocha and headed to my biology lab. I don't know, but is $3.30 a good price for a mocha? Well, I got one anyway. 
Our lab finished early (winning) so I attempted to find my car (without any hassle too!).
Today was a good day.

But now for that essay...

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