Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My Five Wardrobe MVPs

Melbourne weather is temperamental.
Perfect sunshine, rain, thunder, blowing a gale, then back to perfect sunshine in the space of 10 minutes. So how's a girl (or anyone) meant to deal with this without looking like the clothing version of the Michelin Man?

Here are the Most Valuable Players in my wardrobe for the upcoming season.

1. Faithful Jacket

 You know when it's cold, but its not that cold and there's a possible chance of showers? This is the jacket for that. It's light enough so you won't overheat, but still stops the wind and the rain. Because it's lightweight it' not bulky, and layers like a dream. And it goes with pretty much anything; seriously.
2. A Comfy Cardigan
When the word 'cardigan' comes up in conversation, most people think of what their Nana wears. But cardigans are so much more than that. They're perfect just for chucking over a causal outfit to take it to a new level of snug. Or even a dressy outfit. Just any outfit in general. And they come in so many colours and styles and knits. Currently my favourite is this fluffy grey one. I wear it most days.
3. Trusty Denim Jacket
There are probably only a handful of items that you can wear no matter which trend, style, budget, or comfort level your dressing to. One of those is a denim jacket. I never did believe that it was one of those magical items until I brought one for myself. Previously, I though I would just look like what I did when I was in primary school and rocked one everywhere I went, but with all the different cuts and washes you can find one that suits Every. Single. Person. For real. My primary school self might have been on to something.
4. A layering essential: The Vest
 The vest. Possibly the easiest thing in the whole entire world to layer; they can add warmth with less bulk than your standard jumper or jacket. They're super comfy when you get the right fit and they come is so many styles. A sleeveless blazer for a dressy occasion to a distressed denim vest for festivals, you can LITERALLY wear them everywhere, and in everyway.  I'm wearing one right now.
5. Hats = Happy
Bad hair days be gone!!
Okay, so no amount of wishful thinking will ever permanently banish the bad hair day, but at least there is a quick-fix solution that you can rock pretty much all year round. The hat (or beanie) not only hides your frizz, grease, undyed roots or bad haircut, but also keeps your head warm - a total plus in winter since FYI you lose most of your body heat from your head. And the right hat can change you outfit from meh to a-MEH-zing. Seriously, I have so much love for hats. Or beanies. Or anything that can hide the fact that I have just rolled out of bed and not brushed my hair (because in real life, that happens. Probably more then what I would like to admit ).

Have any matching MVP's? Or completely different? What are the hardest working elements in your closet?

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