Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Best French Toast Ever

My friend and I caught up today over some lunch.

The restaurant we went to had the most extensive menu I'd seen in, well, ever.
My friend ordered Eggs Benedict (just because she wanted the hollandaise sauce) and I opted for some French Toast.
Apart from looking amazing, it tasted SPECTACULAR!! It came with poached pear, mascarpone, maple syrup and bacon. Yeah, that's right, bacon. 

We topped it off with a couple of iced mochas and a shopping spree.
I highly recommend that combination if you want possibly the most delicious breakfast EVER.Try it. To save you guys the hassle, here is a collection of French Toast recipes (courtesy of Taste).
Someone (a guy) once told me that to impress a special someone, don't make him a sandwich, or pancakes; make them French Toast. So go on, add this recipe to your repertoire (just based on the advice from total strangers 😉)
What has been your favourite restaurant meal? Or the best thing you've had with French Toast?
What about that special dish you use to impress a certain someone? I'd love to hear it!

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